Thesis templates



The following LaTeX templates can be used for your report:

  English Français Deutsch
Overleaf template


 softeng_fr  softeng_de
LaTeX source files
Output example softeng_en.pdf softeng_fr.pdf softeng_de.pdf


In order to use the LaTeX template: 

  • Edit the main.tex file
  • Indiviual chapters go into chapters/chaperXX.tex
  • Appendix files go into appendix/my_appendix.tex
  • Add these files to the main.tex
  • Compile everything with latexmk -pvc -pdf main.tex
  • If your system does not provide latexmk (mainly Windows)
    • You can compile your latex document either with latex or pdflatex.
    • To compile the final version of your work you can use one of the provided scripts:
      • or on Linux.
      • compile_report.bat or pdf_compile_report.bat on Windows.
  • All the source files have to be encoded in the UTF-8 standard, allowing special characters to be recognized seamlessly by both Windows and Linux systems.



Microsoft Word

The following Microsoft Word template can also be used for your report:

MS-Word 2016 (.dotx) template
Output example softeng_en_msword.pdf