Research projects of the Mineralogy group at the University of Fribourg focus on applied mineralogy, metamorphic petrology and isotope geochemistry.

Applied mineralogy a research field located between Earth Science and Material Science, encompasses such diverse disciplines as the prospection, extraction and refinery of ores, the manufacturing of materials, and the impact of minerals on the environment and on human health.

Metamorphic petrology is the study of rocks that were transformed mineralogically in response to changing pressure-temperature conditions, in order to understand the processes in the Earth's crust or mantle that influenced these rocks during their complex history. Stable isotope geochemistry investigates the fractionation of stable isotopes in natural systems and applies the obtained knowledge to fingerprint geochemical processes. We combine these two disciplines to track geochemical cycling between the Earth's crust and mantle during protolith emplacement, hydrothermal alteration and subduction zone metamorphism, and infer consequences for the chemical composition of the Earth's mantle.