Tristan Katz


  • Doctorant·e FNS, Département de géosciences
    PER 14 bu. 3.334
    Ch. du Musée 4
    1700 Fribourg

    Heures de présence:
    Lundi: matin et après-midi
    Mardi: matin et après-midi
    Mercredi: matin et après-midi
    Jeudi: matin et après-midi
    Vendredi: matin et après-midi

    I am present almost always in the institute Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays. I am usually in on the other weekdays as well, but it's better to check with me in advance.

    PER 14, 3.334

Recherche et publications

  • Catia Faria: Animal Ethics in the Wild
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  • Challenging our thinking about wild animals with common-sense ethical principles
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  • Widely Agreeable Moral Principles Support Efforts to Reduce Wild Animal Suffering
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