Boosting your digital classroom with Renku : Module 2


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 15.12.2021, 10:00 - 12:00

 Notions de Git et contrôle de version

In the second module of this course you will learn how to create fork-based and template-based courses on Renku and how to choose the right pattern for your course (Lecture, Demos and Hands-on sessions).

  • Objectif

    At the end of the second module of this course you should be able to optimise your data science or programming courses using the advanced features of an open-source collaborative platform Renku.

  • Contenus et thèmes abordés
    • Sharing materials via forks of projects
      • How to create a fork of a teacher’s project
      • How to update a fork
      • Pros and cons of forks
    • Sharing materials via project templates
      • How to set up project templates
      • Pros and cons of templates
    • Choosing between forks and templates
  • Format, date et lieu

    Online course - SA 2021 & SP 2022

    December 15, 10h-12h

  • Prérequis

    Basic Git and version control concepts are helpful in this module.

  • Responsable

    Scientific IT team ( in collaboration with the Swiss Data Science Center.


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