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Teach your data science or programming course using the browser-based online platform Renku with focus on interactivity, collaboration and reproducibility. Renku provides a secure and easy to use interface to create containerized environments with all required dependencies and personalised interactive sessions. Teaching happens completely in the browser using the resources provided by Renku@UNIFR
With Renku you can:
  • Focus on teaching and not on configuring student’s software environments.
  • Adjust course granularity to a single question, exercise session or entire semester.
  • Create classroom ecosystems featuring automation, collaboration and traceability.


Fair use guidelines

Please note that we strongly encourage a fair use of our limited resources. The points below should guide you in planning for your course on Renku@UNIFR.

  • Instructors can organize courses on Renku@UNIFR ONLY after prior reservation (bottom of the page) AND confirmation by the platform administrators. If your request is accepted, you will receive a mail confirming the same.
  • You should refer to the calendar below, which will help you plan with the free slots available for your course.
  • You may occasionally request an overlapping (with another course) time slot. We will try our best to accommodate your request. All requests are considered and confirmed on a case by case basis.
  • If your students need to complete course work in between classes, they should be made well aware of the calendar below which shows current usage of Renku@UNIFR. Accordingly, they should avoid time slots reserved for the other courses listed therein.
  • Any modifications to your course dates and/or resources (CPUs/RAM per student) implies filing a new request.
Note: All use and misuse of the Renku@UNIFR platform is carefully and regularly reviewed. We reserve the right to exclude members who do not adhere to the fair use guidelines listed above.



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