Technology Platforms


The Bioinformatics core facility of the University of Fribourg (BUGFri) supports life science researchers by providing expertise in data analysis of large-scale NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) experiments, by developing original software and methods, and by providing state-of-the art bioinformatics applications and genomic data through web portals. Support includes: project planning and grant writing, software testing and development, data management and analysis, training and teaching. Please contact us for details: bugfri(at)

Bioimage Light Microsopy Facility

The Bioimage light microscopy facility provides access to shared instrumentation and software for state-of-the-art light microscopy. We aim to assist you along the path “from sample to knowledge” with our know-how in image acquisition optimization and our expertise in image processing and data mining.

Electron Microscopy Facility

The EM core facility offers instrumentation, training and guidance to scanning electron microscopy, transmission electron microscope and correlative methods (bridging light and electron microscopy), including analytical methods, image processing and quantification techniques.

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