Department of Psychology

Psychology at the University of Fribourg is distinguished by the emphasis it places on high-level research, an extensive choice of courses in B.Sc., M.Sc. and postgraduate programs as well as by the University's bilingual character. The Department of Psychology offers complete study programs (B.Sc. and M.Sc.) in German and French, together with mixed language programs. Education is complemented by practical components with excellent supervision in a stimulating international atmosphere.

M.Sc. and postgraduate students are involved in a number of departmental and third party research projects in a wide range of domains distributed between ten Research Units.


    WHO: Brendan Weekes, Communication Science at the University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
    WHAT: Bilingual brains
    WHEN: 30.11.16, 16:15
    WHERE: RM02, S-0.113
    WHO: Sally Olderbak, University of Ulm, Germany
    WHAT: Socio-emotional traits and abilities: Recent discoveries and insights
    WHEN: 01.12.2016, 12:05
    WHERE: RM02, S-0.113
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