• Improved psychotherapeutic treatment of obesity

    New findings in behavioral medicine are described in the current book “Overweight and Obesity”. These are to support psychotherapists and doctors in treating morbid adiposity and in dealing with obese patients. The authors, Anja Hilbert and Simone Munsch, explicate how behaviors associated with morbid obesity can be better diagnosed and treated.

  • Une étudiante du département dans le journal "La Gruyère"

    Une étudiante du département passe dans La Gruyère pour son travail de Bachelor sur le langage SMS. Ce dernier, accusé de tous les maux, car essentiellement phonétique, a aussi ses atouts.

  • Current Directions in Psychological Science

    Valerie Camos has been appointed as advisory editor to Current Directions in Psychological Science. She is the only European-based editor of this journal, which is the flagship journal of the Association for Psychological Science and among the top 15 multidisciplinary psychology journals for “citation impact”.

  • Norway, Finland & Switzerland collaboration receives funding from the Research Council of Norway

    The GREL group (Gender REpresentation in Language), lead by Ute Gabriel (Norwegian University of Science and Technology) and Pascal Gygax (University of Fribourg) has received a three-year grant from the very competitive Research Council of Norway for their project: "What's so sexy about degenderizing language?

  • Additional support for the Sinergia-Project

    The Sinergia project „Relationship of stress and physical activity with psychological and physiological health in young children“ received additional financial support of the Jacobs Foundation.

  • Tous des moutons?!

    Imiter, singer… un comportement instinctif et spontané qu’adoptent aussi nos cousins les grands primates ainsi que moult autres espèces championnes du mimétisme. Des chercheur/se-s et des étudiant-e-s de notre Département étudient ce comportement.

  • Prix de la fondation Forom Ecoute

    Le département de psychologie est heureux de féliciter Solène Perruchoud qui a été récompensé par un prix de la fondation Forom Ecoute.

  • Swiss National Science Foundation grants

    Members of our Department have been awarded grants from the Swiss National Science Foundation:
    • Roberto Caldara has been awarded a CHF 322’000 grant
    • Sebastien Miellet et Roberto Caldara have been awarded a CHF 282’000 grant


Department of Psychology

Psychology at the University of Fribourg is distinguished by the emphasis it places on high-level research, an extensive choice of courses in B.Sc., M.Sc. and postgraduate programs as well as by the University's bilingual character. The Department of Psychology offers complete study programs (B.Sc. and M.Sc.) in German and French, together with mixed language programs. Education is complemented by practical components with excellent supervision in a stimulating international atmosphere.

M.Sc. and postgraduate students are involved in a number of departmental and third party research projects in a wide range of domains distributed between ten Research Units.


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