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NEW COURSES in the Autumn Semester 2016:           

UNI bilingue/ zweisprachig

  Cours de français B2: En forme pour les études

En forme pour les études B2.1 - Parler et écouter 1

En forme pour les études B2.1- Lire et écrire 1

 Deutschkurse B2:  Fit fürs Studium

Fit fürs Studium B2.1 - Sprechen und Hören 1

Fit fürs Studium B2.1 - Lesen und Schreiben 1



  The Language Centre of the University of Fribourg is an examination centre   for Goethe Institute certificates and for the TCF (Test de Connaissance   du Français).

  All interested persons, including participants from outside the university, may   take the examinations at the Centre here.

  Information about the examinations of the Goethe Institute

  Information about TCF (Test de connaissance du français)

English for Academic Purposes

Compulsory Oral Placement Interviews for English Courses
(AFTER the online Moodle test)
only taking place on
19 September 2016 from 9 am -3 pm
at MIS 10 2nd floor Room 2.16.

Colloquio d’ingresso per i corsi d‘italiano

The oral placement interviews for ILS are compulsory. Please register for the interview on Moodle after the online placement test. The interviews take place on Tuesday 20.09.2016 from 13 – 19 o’clock and on Wednesday 21.09.2016 from 8 to 12 o’clock.



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