ColloquiumPublié le 30.04.2022

Plato and Women

Programme :

22 March 2022 :
Christoph Poetsch (Universität Heidelberg) :
Neither male nor female? Some Systematic Considerations of the Platonic Concept of Soul

3 May 2022 :
Caterina Pellò (UCL; Centre of Hellenic Studies, Washington DC) and Giulia De Cesaris (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven) :
Aesara and Plato : The tripartition of the soul revisited

17 May 2022 :
Luca Pitteloud (Universidade Federal do ABC, São Paulo) :
The Femininity of the Chora in the Timaeus

24 May 2022 :
Gabriele Cornelli and Leonardo Guimarães (Universidade de Brasília) :
“Of course, you know her” (Pl. Phd. 60a) : Xanthippe’s presence by Socrates’ deathbed