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Conference at the Thomas Instituut te Utrecht, 13-15 December 2018

Prof. Michael Sherwin o.p. speaks about "Love’s Pedagogy: Thomas Aquinas on the Stages of Growth in Charity" on the first day of the international conference (13-15 December 2018) that takes place at Thomas Instituut te Utrecht (Tilburg University). Theme of the conference: Initiation and Mystagogy in Thomas Aquinas: Theological, Philosophical, Liturgical, and Pedagogical Perspectives.

The Thomas Instituut te Utrecht (Tilburg University) organizing this conference is a co-operative group of theologians, philosophers and historians from several universities and institutes in the Netherlands, specialised in the study of the work of Saint Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274). The Thomas Instituut te Utrecht offers a forum for scholarly communication of research into the thought of Thomas Aquinas, its sources and its influence. The research of the Institute is part of the TST research program Initiation and mystagogy in the Christian tradition.