Interdisciplinary courses

Concept: a singular question is studied consecutively by the professors of Old and New Testament, philosophy, dogmatic theology, church history, pastoral ministry and religious pedagogy and of moral theology, according to their discipline.

Educational value: the student is led to understand the specificity of the different approaches and see how these serve the theological purpose.

In practice: each professor dedicates two hours of his/her main class to this question; the course is a two months, two hours per week course.

Administration: the course is dedicated to all BA and MA students and to anyone interested, under the heading, "Specialized courses" and the number, this year, SS 2020, UE - TTH.00289. It is credited with 1.5 ECTS (16 hours). With the agreement of an academic advisor, other students can follow this course. The evaluation is done by one of the eight professors according to the type chosen by him/her.