The research project

In association with the Association pour la protection des Ecrits des sept, the St. Thomas Aquinas Institute for Theology and Culture (ISTAC) wishes to pursue this research project and to allocate the necessary resources by offering a quality research framework and supporting the search for appropriate funding.

ISTAC seeks to promote the study of these writings by both young scholars and the general public.

On account of its expertise in theological research, as well as the resources at its disposal, ISTAC hopes to promote famliarity with and appreciation for this spiritual heritage.

In order to accomplish this, the Institute is actively seeking out the cooperation of scholars in other institutions and research centers who could lend their own expert perspective. To this end, the development of a network is underway.

Relevance for the life of the Church

Research on the writings of Br. Christophe continues to this day.

At the same time, the scope of research is expanding to include the writings of the other monks as a fuller appraisal of the communitarian dimensions of this patrimony is sought. 

We are only at the beginning of the appraisal of this theological experience. However, the universal church has studied the cause of beatification of the 19 martyrs of the Algerian church. The inquiry drew to a positive conclusion, thus affirming the importance of this spiritual experience as well as the fruit that it is bearing.

It therefore behooves scholars to mount - for the benefit of a wide, public audience - a serious editing project that will bring to light these texts yet still unknown. It is vital to demonstrate how this experience, lived in teh context of a Muslim society, can nourish our theologocal reflection and our ecclesial life as well as our spiritual life writ large. 

The celebration of the beatification of Mgr. Claverie and of his companions took place December the 8th 2018, at 13.00h, in the basilica of Santa Cruz in Oran. The Television KTO transmitted the event.

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  • Database

    The results of this research will progressively be uploaded to the Zenodo database on the community page dedicated to the "Tibhirine Writings."


    The data will be organized according to the following system:


    Frère Christian: in folder Tibh101.01CDC1937

    Frère Christophe: in folder Tibh101.02CLB1950

    Frère Luc: in folder Tibh101.03LPD1914

    Frère Michel: in folder Tibh101.04MF1944

    Frère Bruno: in folder Tibh101.05BCL1930

    Frère Célestin: in folder Tibh101.06CR1933

    Frère Paul: in folder Tibh101.07PFM1939