Background on the theological appraisal of these events

A theological project has also been undertaken.

Ever since the beginning of the 2000's, the Unviersity of Fribourg has been attentive to this spiritual patrimony and has therefore sought to support the research of one of its students in this domain. This research began in the context of a license thesis (License in Sacred Theology) exploring the published writings of Br. Christophe Lebreton, the youngest of the monks, whose poetry and journals of the last three years of his life allow one to perceive the depth of lived experience as well as the breadth of the Spirit's work in this community. This initial research project was followed-up by a doctoral theisis in spiritual theology under the direction of Rev. Michael Sherwin, o.p., focused on a study of the non-published writings of Br. Christophe. The entirety of the doctoral thesis was published electronically online, a step which has given researchers access to its findings as well as a trove of unedited documents. A spiritual biography was subsequently published (the doctoral thesis' first chapter), as well as a theological synthesis (an adapted version fo the thesis' third chapter). 

Special courses dedicated to this spiritual patrimony, open to undergraduate and graduate students, as well as to auditors, were given at the university from 2012 - 2016.

Finally, a colloquium entitled "Tibhirine, 20 years later", the first of its kind, dedicated to the monks of Tibhirine on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of their martyrdom, was co-organized by a group of four students in collaboration with Prof. Thierry Collaud and Marie-Dominique Minassian in October 2016.

In addition, The Institut des Sciences et Théologie des Religions (Marseille, France), through its research center, has sought to explore the significance of the writings of the Rev. Christian de Chergé for the field of theology of religions, and in particular the domain of Islamic-Christian dialogue. Several publications have allowed for the identification of important themes. 

Aside from those of Br. Luc, the writings of the other monks, limited in scope, have not yet been especially studied.

The University of Fribourg seeks to continue its commitment to the further study of this spiritual patrimony by making it a key element in the work of ISTAC.