Research priorities

  • Pinckaers Archives

    The Pinckaers Archives were created by Albertinum, the International Dominican Convent in Fribourg, to catalogue, archive the personal documents of Servais Pinckaers o.p. and to edit and publish these manuscripts. 

    There are currently several projects under way in order to promote, diffuse these archives and make them more accessible to researchers: digitization of documents, retranscription of manuscripts and personal notes belonging to Fr. Pinckaers, in view of a future edition.

  • Tibhirine Writings

    In association with the Association for the Protection of the Writings of the '7 de l'Atlas' , the St. Thomas Aquinas Institute for Theology and Culture (ISTAC) wishes to pursue this research project, Tibhirine Writings, and to allocate the necessary resources by offering a quality research framework and supporting the search for appropriate funding.


  • Dogmatic theology

    Prof. Emery Gilles o.p.

    Research interests: Trinitarian theology, theology of creation and anthropology, theology of St. Thomas Aquinas

    Prof. Benoît-Dominique de La Soujeole o.p.

    Research interests: ecclesiology and ecumenical theology, Sacraments, St. Thomas Aquinas


  • Moral theology

    Prof. Michael Sherwin o.p.

    Research interests: fundamental moral theology, Saint's Thomas Aquinas moral theology read in the light of his sources, renewal of morality founded on the virtues and the beatitudes, love's psychology

    Prof. Thierry Collaud

    Research interests: special moral theology, theological anthropology of the fragile and vulnerable human being

  • Theology and history

    Prof. Paul-Bernard Hodel o.p.

    Research interests: history of the Dominican order, medieval preching, translation of the essential 13th century sources of Saint Dominic's history and of the beginnings of the Dominican order - scientific committee, in cooperation with Nicole Bériou (IRHT, Paris) and Martin Morard (CNRS, Paris)

  • Theology and culture

    Dr. Magdalena Burlacu

    Research interests: theology of the image, iconography of Moldavian medieval churches

  • Cultural events

    Interested to bulid new bridges between theology and contemporary culture, ISTAC organizes scientific meetings, cultural and artistic events at the University of Fribourg, for the benefit of the academic and local communities.

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