ISTAC Fellows

  • Become an ISTAC fellow

    The Institute welcomes fellows that engage in research, writing and teaching with the help of the following programs:

    • The U.S. Fullbright - Swiss Scholarship Program (information);
    • Mobility Europe, World or Researchers (scholarship or grant holder): doctoral research scholarship at the University of Fribourg or grant programmes enabling foreign researchers to take up a research placement at the University of Fribourg (information).

    To become an ISTAC Fellow, please contact prof. Paul-Bernard Hodel, o.p.


  • Past Fellows and Researchers

    GOODILL, (o.p.) David. ISTAC FELLOW (University Scholarship, Post-doctoral Research). Fellowship period: SP 2019.

    HEMPHILL, Hannah. FULBRIGHT FELLOW. University of Notre Dame doctoral student under the direction of Joseph Wawrykow. Fellowship period: SA 2014 - SP 2015.

    KNUFFKE, Peter. ISTAC FELLOW (University of Fribourg scholarship). Doctoral research. Fellowship period: SA 2014 - SP 2015.

    NEENAN, (o.p.) Mary Angelica. ISTAC FELLOW (Pinckaers Archives). Angelicum doctoral student under the direction of Wojcieh Giertych. Fellowship period: SP 2012 - SA 2014.

    ROSSIGNOTTI, Marta. FNS FELLOW (Marie Heim - Vögtlin Prize). University of Fribourg doctoral student under the direction of Gilles Emery. Fellowship period: SP 2011 - SA 2012. Prolongation as an ISTAC FELLOW: SP 2012 - SA 2014.

    DOBRZENIECKI, Marek. ISTAC FELLOW. University of Fribourg philosophy doctoral student under the direction of Gianfranco Soldati. Fellowship period: june 2012 - june 2013.

    EITEL, Adam. FULBRIGHT FELLOW. Doctoral student from Princeton Theological Seminary. Fellowship period: SA 2011- SP 2012.

    LOMBARDO, (o.p.) Nicholas. ISTAC FELLOW. Post-doctoral student from Cambridge University. Fellowship period: SA 2010 - SP 2011.


  • Current Fellows and Researchers

    BOERSMA, Gerald. ISTAC FELLOW (Habilitation candidate)

    BURLACU, Magdalena. ISTAC FELLOW (ISTAC and Pinckaers Archives)

    GOODILL, o.p., David. ISTAC FELLOW (University Scholarship, Post-doctoral Research)


    MINASSIAN, Maria-Dominique. ISTAC FELLOW (Tibhirine Writings project)