Saint Thomas Aquinas Institute for Theology and Culture (ISTAC)

The Institute promotes the renewal of Thomistic theology and philosophy, by means of interdisciplinary research, conferences, artistic projects and publications, in dialogue with contemporary culture and from an interdisciplinary perspective. 



Doctoral colloquium

A doctoral colloquium on the common good will be held on May 20 and 21. This colloquium will have a moral and dogmatic dimension, but will also be rooted in a reflection likely to interest doctoral students…

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Hat der Pazifismus ausgedient?

09.04.2022 - Prof. Daniel Bogner diskutiert in der Sendung "Streitkultur" des Deutschlandfunks mit dem Berliner Wissenschaftsphilosophen Prof. Oliver Müller. Hören Sie die Sendung hier nach.

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27.04.2022, 17H15, MIS 03 3120

Leçon inaugurale du Prof. Luc-Thomas Somme o.p.

Le Doyen de la Faculté de Théologie et le président du Département de Théologie morale et d'Éthique vous invitent à la Leçon inaugurale du Prof. Luc-Thomas Somme o.p., Chaire francophone de Théologie…

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Interdisciplinary instruction

The Institute promotes interdisciplinary instruction in the Dominican theological tradition on doctoral, master and bachelor levels, by organizing "cours transversaux", doctoral colloquia and study days.

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Archives Pinckaers

Administered by the Institute, the Pinckaers Archives were created by the Albertinum, the International Dominican Convent in Fribourg to promote and to diffuse the thought and the work of Servais Pinckaers o.p., professor of fundamental moral theology at the University of Fribourg from 1975  to 2000, as well as to help researchers who want to study his work.

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