Supply Chain Management & Logistics

Teacher(s): Widmer Marino
Level: Master
Type of lesson: Lecture
ECTS: 4.5
Language(s): English
Semester(s): SA-2022

The main part of the course is about solution methods for supplier selection, warehouse location, demand forecasting, master planning, inventory management, and vehicle routing. The course will contain an Operations Research primer (formulation of linear, nonlinear and integer programs; solution with Excel Solver-Add-In).

Training aims

This course considers the various aspects of the supply chain management (SCM), which lets an organization get the right goods and services to the place they are needed at the right time, in the proper quantity and at an acceptable cost. Efficiently managing this process involves overseeing relationships with suppliers and customers, controlling inventory, forecasting demand and getting constant feedback on what is happening at every link in the chain.