Marino Widmer

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    138 publications
    Journal article. Meteier, Q. and Capallera, M. and de Salis, E. and Angelini, L. and Carrino, S. and Widmer, M. and Abou Khaled, O. and Mugellini, E. and Sonderegger, A., A dataset on the physiological state and behavior of drivers in conditionally automated driving, Data in Brief 47 (2023)
    Journal article. Capallera, M. and Meteier, Q. and De Salis, E. and Widmer, M. and Angelini, L. and Carrino, S. and Sonderegger, A. and Khaled, O.A. and Mugellini, E., A Contextual Multimodal System for Increasing Situation Awareness and Takeover Quality in Conditionally Automated Driving, IEEE Access 11 (2023), p. 5746-5771

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