Dr. Christoph Leuenberger


T: +41 26 300 8236

Address: Bd de Pérolles 90, 1700 Fribourg

Office: C 321



Main research activities

  • Stochastic and bioinformatic modelling for the inference of demographic histories and selection
  • Developing Approximate Bayesian Computation (ABC) in collaboration with the Wegmann Lab



Teaching activities

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Master Courses:




Selected Publications

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  • Detecting Selection from Linked Sites Using an F-Model
    Galimberti, C. Leuenberger, B. Wolf, S.M. Szilágyi, M. Foll, D. Wegmann
    Genetics 216 (4), 1205-1215 (2020)
  • Low prevalence of lactase persistence in bronze age Europe indicates ongoing strong selection over the last 3,000 years
    Burger, V. Link, J. Blöcher, A. Schulz, C. Sell, Z. Pochon, C. Leuenberger, ..., D. Wegmann
    Current Biology 30 (21), 4307-4315 (2020)
  • Apex predators decline after an influx of pastoralists in former Central African Republic hunting zones
    Aebischer, T. Ibrahim, R. Hickisch, R.D. Furrer, C. Leuenberger, ..., D. Wegmann
    Biological Conservation 241 (2020)
  • The optimal rate for resolving a near-polytomy in a phylogeny
    M. Steel, C. Leuenberger
    Journal of Theor. Biol. 420, 174-179 (2017)
  • Inference of evolutionary jumps in large phylogenies using Lévy processes
    P. Duchen, C. Leuenberger, S. Szilagyi, L. Harmon, J. Eastman, M. Schweizer, D. Wegmann
    Systematic Biology 66 (2) (2017)
  • Inferring heterozygosity from ancient and low coverage genomes
    A. Kousathanas, Ch. Leuenberger, V. Link, C. Sell, J. Burger, D. Wegmann
    Genetics 205, 317-332 (2017)
  • Early Farmers from across Europe directly descended from Neolithic Aegeans
    Z. Hofmanova et al. (including C. Leuenberger)
    PNAS 113, 6886-6891 (2016)
  • Likelihood-free inference in high-dimensional models
    A. Kousathanas, C. Leuenberger, J. Helfer, M. Quninodoz, D. Wegmann
    Genetics 203 (2), 893-904 (2016)
  • An approximate model for the Wright-Fisher diffusion and its application to time-series data
    A. Ferrer-Admettla, C. Leuenberger, J.D. Jensen, D. Wegmann
    Genetics 203 (2), 831-846 (2016)
  • Parallel adaptations to nectarivory in parrots, key innovations and the diversification of the Loriinae
    M. Schweizer, M. Güntert, O. Seehausen, C. Leuenberger, S. Hertwig
    Ecology and Evolution 4, 2867-2883 (2015)
  • Explicit Bounds
    L. Dümbgen, C. Leuenberger.
    In J. Steven Miller, ed. Benford's Law: Theory and Aplications; Princeton University Press (2015)
  • Taxon sampling and the optimal rates of evolution for phylogenetic inference
    C. Leuenberger, J.P. Townsend
    Systematic Biology 60(3) 358--365 (2011)
  • Analysis of ratios in multivariate morphometry
    H. Baur, C. Leuenberger
    Systematic Biology 60(6) 813--825 (2011)
  • Bayesian computation and model selection without likelihoods
    C. Leuenberger, D. Wegmann
    Genetics 184(1) 243--252 (2010)
  • Efficient approximate Baxesian computation coupled with Markov chain Monte Carlo without likelihood
    L. Excoffier, C. Leuenberger, D. Wegmann
    Genetics 182(4) 1207--1218 (2008)
  • Explicit bounds for the approximation of error in Benford's law
    L. Dümbgen, C. Leuenberger
    Statistics and Probability Letters 63(4) 361--365 (2003)
  • Benford's law for exponential random variables
    H.-A. Engel, C. Leuenberger
    Statistics and Probability Letters 63(4) 361--365 (2003)
  • Transversal group actions on CR manifolds and embeddability
    Z. Balogh, C. Leuenberger
    Tohoku Mathematical Journal, Second Series 55(4) 507--527 (2003)
  • Quasiconformal contactomorphisms and polynomial hulls with convex fibers
    Z. Balogh, C. Leuenberger
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  • Higher dimension Riemann maps
    Z. Balogh, C. Leuenberger
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  • Lempert mappings and symplectic forms
    Z. Balogh, C. Leuenberger
    Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society 3289--3292 (1997)