Articles scientifiques (depuis 2008)

 Working Papers and work in progress

  • Bjedov-Maillard, T., Lapointe, S., Madiès, T., Masclet, D.  (2022). "Are majorities always more cooperative than minorities? A multi-level public goods experiment in Switzerland",  submitted to European Econonmic Review.  
  • Madiès, T., Tarola, O., Taugourdeau, E. (2022). "Do international climate agreements affect tax and environment competition among asymetric countries?", working paper n°2, Center for Research in Economics  and Statistics, Paris, R&R at Social Choice and Welfare.
  • Furrer, O., Madiès P., Madiès, T. Tisserand, J. C. (2022). "Cooperation in turbulent environments. A public good game experimental exploration". Work in progress. 

Recent Publications (selection)

  • Madiès, T., Tarola, O., Taugourdeau, E, (2022). "Tax haven, pollution haven or both?",  International Tax and Public Finance, 29, pp.527-560. (CNRS 2).
  • Madiès, T. (2021). "La concurrence fiscale: un point de vue d'économiste," Revue européenne et internationale de droit fiscal, 2, pp. 295-300.
  • Taugourdeau, E. & T. Madiès (2020). "Vertical Transfers and Tax Competition: Does Trade Integration Matter?,” Social Choice and Welfare, 55, pp. 453-475. (CNRS 1)
  • Madiès, T. & F. Rey (2021). "Addressing the concerns about carbon leakage in the implementation of carbon pricing policies: A focus on the issue of competitiveness," Journal of Industrial and Business Economics, 48, pp. 53-75.
  • Exbrayat, N., Madiès, T. & S. Riou (2019). "A simple model of corporate bailouts in a globalized economy," The Scandinavian Journal of Economics, 122(4), pp. 1575-1605. (CNRS 2) 
  • Bjedov, T., Lapointe, S., Madiès, T. & M.C. Villeval (2018). "Does decentralization of decisions increase the stability of large groups?," Social Choice and Welfare, 5(4), pp. 681-716. (CNRS 1)
  • Madiès, T., Rota-Grazziosi, G. , Tranchant, J.-P. & Trépier, C. (2018). "The economics of secession: A review of legal, theoretical and empirical aspects," Swiss Journal of Economics and Statistics, 154 (19), pp. 1-18. (CNRS 4).
  • Madiès, T. & Chouc, A. (2016). "La place de la France dans la concurrence fiscale internationale en matière d'impôts sur les sociétés", in Adapter l'impôt sur les sociétés, Conseil des prélèvements obligatoires, La documentation française, Paris. 
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  • Bjedov, T., Lapointe, S. & T. Madiès (2014). "The impact of within-party and between party ideological dispersion on fiscal outcomes: Evidence from Swiss cantonal parliaments," Public Choice, 161(1-2), pp. 209-232. (CNRS 1)
  • Madiès, T., Villeval, M.C. & M. Wasmer (2013). "Intergenerational Attitudes Towards Strategic Uncertainty and Competition: A Field Experiment in a Swiss Bank," European Economic Review, 61, pp. 153-168. (CNRS 1)
  • Dethier, J. & T. Madiès (2012). "Fiscal competition in developing countries: A survey of the theoretical and empirical literature", Journal of International Commerce, Economics and Policy, 3(21), pp.1-31. (selected by the World Bank for the Research Digest of the World Bank, 4(4), Summer 2010)
  • Dafflon, B. & T. Madiès (2011). L'économie politique de la décentralisation dans quatre pays d'Afrique sub-saharienne: Burkina Faso, Sénégal, Ghana et Kenya. Paris: Agence Française de Développement.
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