Pitching myself for industry: My strategy for success

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22.05.2024 09:00 - 17:00

Description and objectives
Bridging the gap from academia to industry requires adapting our frame of mind, discourse and posture to a new and sometimes unfamiliar audience! We will together - in two stand-alone and complementary one-day workshops - build your road map for change from academia to industry, exploring what’s keeping you back, what drives you and how you can bring together your vision and intention.

In Workshop 1, you will together:
1. Define your values, drivers and vision
2. Connect with who you are, what you want and your why
3. Explore your strengths and opportunities for growth
4. Consider best practice for an industry CV and CL
5. Share best practice for applying and networking
Together we’ll design your personalised strategy and action plan !

This workshop will, through a hands-on experiential learning approach, help you design your personalised road map for change. You will achieve clarity on what is important to you, where you find fulfilment, your achievements to date and what changes you’d like to make. And build a network of peers in a safe and confidential framework.

Quand? 22.05.2024 09:00 - 17:00
Où? HES-SO Lausanne
Avenue de Provence 6
1007 Lausanne
Intervenants Romaine Johnstone
Coach facilitator and trainer
Contact Service égalité, diversité et inclusion
Manuela Schicka


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