ResearchPublikationsdatum 09.03.2022

Latest Publication from the Salentinig Group!

Salentinig Research Group has recently published an article in the journal Current Opinion in Food Science, entitled "Functional food colloids: studying structure and interactions during digestion". Congratulations to Linda Hong and Prof. Stefan Salentinig.

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The rational design of advanced food products provides a competitive an advantage over empirical approaches. Colloidal structures in food are responsible for the bioaccessibility of poorly water-soluble nutrients. They can tailor food parameters including mechanical properties, texture, shelf live, release of loaded bioactive molecules and trigger the interaction with the digestive tract components. However, the fundamental understanding of the correlation between colloidal structures and their interactions with the digestive system that is necessary for the comprehensive design of novel colloidal food materials is not yet well established.

This contribution summarizes the recent progress in examining the structural fate of food materials in their digestive transit. We discuss the design and characterization of colloidal food materials, advanced in vitro digestion models to study their composition, structure and interactions during digestion, and highlight the dynamic interactions of food materials with components of the digestive tract.