Pinckaers Archives

 The Pinckaers Archives were created by the Albertinum, the International Dominican Convent in Fribourg to promote and to diffuse the tought and the work of Servais Pinckaers o.p, professor of fundamental moral theology at the University of Fribourg from 1975  to 2000.
The Institute also administers the Pinckaers Archives and helps researchers who want to study his work.

Servais-Théodore Pinckaers O.P. (Liège, 1925 – Fribourg, 2008) was a noted moral theologian, Roman Catholic priest, and member of the Dominican Order (Order of Preachers). He has been especially influential in the renewal of a theological and Christological approach to Christian virtue ethics.
Upon completion of his studies, Fr. Pinckaers returned to the Dominican Studium at La Sarte to teach moral theology from 1954-1965. After the Studium at La Sarte (Huy) was closed in 1965, Fr. Pinckaers went to the Dominican priory at Liège and engaged in pastoral ministry for the next eight years, years that shaped the pastoral concern expressed in much of his work. Then, in 1975 he was called to fill the French language chair in fundamental moral theology at the University of Fribourg, Switzerland, where he taught for the next twenty-five years.
His most well-known work in English is The Sources of Christian Ethics (1995), which has been well received by a surprisingly varied cross-section of the Church in America and in English-speaking countries.[7] Other works in English include: his introduction to moral thought entitled Morality: the Catholic View (2001; with Preface by Alasdair MacIntyre); The Pinckaers Reader: Renewing Thomistic Moral Theology (2005), a collection of his most significant essays, subsequent to the publication of The Sources of Christian Ethics. Moreover, of special interest are the essay, “The Sources of the Ethics of St. Thomas Aquinas” (in The Ethics of Aquinas, 2002), and his popular presentation of the Christian call to flourishing through the Beatitudes, The Pursuit of Happiness: Living the Beatitudes (1998).
Pinckaers labored to demonstrate a complete vision of Catholic theology. He has argued that the academic departmentalization of theological disciplines risks falsifying the nature of theology. Returning to Aquinas' model and insight by drawing from scriptural, patristic, magisterial and contemporary sources, he has recognized that an interconnection of philosophical, moral, spiritual, and theological perspectives is needed in order to do justice to Christian agency and the interplay of nature and grace, law and prudence, human and divine interaction in the pursuit of Christian flourishing. With attention turned to fully Christian moral agency, his 25 books and over 300 articles aim either at academic or popular audiences.

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