Five reasons for choosing Fribourg

Why to choose to come to Fribourg? You will find here 5 good reasons to study at the University of Fribourg:

1 - Bilingualism

At the crossroads of Swiss-German and Swiss-French cultures, the University of Fribourg is the sole in Switzerland to offer a full selection of courses offered either in French or  German. Some courses are also offered in English at Master Level. Resources are also available for those who want to learn languages: language classes, self-learning facilities, tandem, etc. form a world of opportunities!

2 - The international and multicultural environment

Since its founding, the University of Fribourg has had an international taste. The many different nationalities of the professors as well as the students make the University a veritable international forum. Numerous student associations, cultural and athletic activities will allow you to meet people sharing similar interests. Moreover, the student clubs will put you in touch with other international and local students and will even organize activities throughout the semester. Meeting people from all cultures is part of the daily life in Fribourg! 

3 - Personal contact to staff

At the University of Fribourg no-one is just a number. Its relatively small size, togeter with the commitment of its teaching staff, ensure tht you can make the most of an ideal staff-to-student ratio.

4 - Reasonable cost of living

Compared with other Swiss cities, Fribourg offers comparatively low living costs. Thanks to uni sport and different associations, you will be able to afford activities and journeys to lower prices.

5 - The student city of Fribourg

Located at the edge of the Pre-Alps, Fribourg moves to the beat of the student life and offers a quality of life and setting that will make your studies fruitful. Its old town, narrow streets, old wooden and stone bridges, museums, restaurants and picturesque places make it one of the most enjoyable medieval cities in Europe. Not too big, not too small, come and experience the Swiss lifestyle and joy of living found here in Fribourg.

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