Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is the academic year divided?  The academic year is divided into two semesters, each of fourteen teaching weeks. An 8 week inter-semester break will separate them. During this period students take the opportunity to prepare seminar works, dissertations and exams.
  • What is the style of teaching?  Teaching is given in the form of lectures, seminars and exercises, as well as case studies.
  • Must I get a "Student Residence Permit?  Yes, you must register upon arrival at the "Immigration Service" (SPOMI). More information here.
  • Is the choice of courses restricted for exchange students (non degree seeking)?  There are no particular restrictions for exchange students to follow courses. Nevertheless the number of students in some lectures or seminars might be limited
  • Who is the contact office for administrative issues at the University?  Contact the International Relations Office
  • Where can I find support in case of academic problems?  Please contact your studies coordinator or the Department (Faculty) directly.
  • Does the university guarantee accommodation for exchange students (non degree seeking)?  No. You will have the possibility to apply for a room in a student residence at the end of the online application, but there is no guarantee. It's your responsibility to find an accommodation that suits your expectations.
  • How are the Credits transferred back home?  The International Relations Office will send the Transcript of Records with your exams and grades. An ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) conversion table will be attached to the transcript.
  • How long is the IT account accessible after leaving the University?  Please click on the link below:
  • When do exams take place? Exams normally take place at the end of the semester:
    Autumn semester: last week before the courses end (December) and/orduring January-February.
    Spring semester: last week before the courses end (May) and/or during June-July.



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