Finding Housing

Housing in Fribourg is excellent, but one must act early due to a large demand. Detailed information concerning housing is sent to you by mail as soon as your acceptance has been confirmed. Several different housing options exist. Student rooms from Apartis (Student housing foundation) are the easiest option but they are available in a limited number. There is also the possibility to find housing in one of the student dormitories, rent a room from a family, or in an apartment with other students.

Here are a couple addresses and hints to get you started on your housing hunt:

An organization that specializes in student housing, keeping around 60 furnished rooms especially for exchange students (but not freemovers) in their apartment buildings in the Quartier Bellevue in Givisiez.
The inscription form for a Apartis room is part of the online application and is available at the end of the application process. The link for the online application is sent by e-mail once you have been nominated by your home university.


Individual rooms equipped with private or shared bathrooms as well as a common kitchen. List of student residences with prices
In choosing this option, you must directly contact the owner in question for the location of their room.

Rooms in privately owned houses or apartments found through the internet:


  • Rent the lodging until the end of the examination period.
  • Tenants are responsible for the housing payments.
  • The rental agreement takes place in the form of a contract between the real-estate agent and the student directly.
  • The housing contracts begin generally on the first of September for the Fall semester and the first of February for the Spring Semester.
  • Location costs vary between 400 to 600 CHF.
  • Generally, the student should foresee a security deposit between 600 and 1000 CHF, which will be given back to the student minus the cost of possible damages incurred at the end of his/her stay.
  • Once the student's address is confirmed, it must be communicated as soon as possible to the IRO by email at:
  • Read the contract before signing!!!
  • Some housing is rented for either one semester or the entire academic year (September to June). In this case, the contract is until the end of that period, even in the case of an early departure or change in housing.  


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