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  • Pentecost monday 2018 [13.04.2018] The library will close from May 18th (19.00) to May 22nd (8.00).
  • Ascension day 2018 [10.04.2018] The library will close from May 9th (19.00h) to May 14th (8.00h).
  • Dimensions: a new competitor of Scopus and Web of Science [29.03.2018] Digital Science (Altmetric, Figshare) announced Dimensions, a new product that includes a citation database, a research analytics suite, and streamlined article discovery and access. Use Dimensions to research grants, publications, citations, clinical trials and patents in one place.
  • Is it time to bury the h-index? [28.03.2018] The h-index provides information that is almost completely redundant for most practical purposes, and that because of the way it is constructed, chance plays a significant role in determining its outcome.
  • CNRS : coupure des contenus Springer à compter du 1 avril 2018. [28.03.2018] Les négociations entre le consortium Couperin.org - dont le CNRS fait partie- et Springer se sont achevées sur un constat de désaccord, l'éditeur ayant refusé la dernière proposition du consortium qui demandait une baisse de l'ordre de 15 % du tarif des abonnements.
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