BEFRI Genomics Day 2018

Friday June 22

Auditorium O.110 Plant Biology Building


Program (pdf)

9:15 Welcome address
Dr. Laurent Mène-Saffrané, UniFr

«Mapping multiple mutations directly from Arabidopsis unbackcrossed mutants» 9:50 Selected PhD student presentations

10:30 coffee break

11:00 Prof. David Gfeller, UniL
«Single-cell transcriptome analysis reveals a heterogeneous and dynamic landscape of tumor in ltrating CD8 T cells»

11:30 Dr. Jenna Kelly, UniBe
«Single Cell Characterization of Host-Virus Interactions Within the Respiratory Epithelium»

12:00 TBA, 10X Genomics «TBA»

12:15 Lunch break (StarOmics students can eat with the speakers)

13:30 Dr. Laurent Poirel, UniFr
«Prospective screening of acquired resistance to polymyxin antibiotics in Escherichia coli in the human population; identi cation of resistance mechanisms by use of next-genera- tion sequencing»

14:00 Prof. Peter Redder, Toulouse, F
«Transcriptome-wide mapping of ribonuclease cleavage sites and impacts on RNA degradation»

14:30 coffee break

15:00 Prof. Tosso Leeb, UniBe & Dr. Irène Keller, UniBe «NGS and Bioinformatics ressources in Bern»

15:30 Dr. Laurent Falquet, UniFr
«The Bioinformatics core facility at UniFr»

16:00 Farewell

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