About us

The Bioinformatics core facilty of the University of Fribourg (BUGFri) supports life science researchers by providing expertise in data analysis of large-scale NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) experiments, by developping original software and methods, and by providing state-of-the art bioinformatics applications and genomic data through web portals.

With the rapid evolution of NGS techniques, we encourage researchers to contact us at the preliminary stage of the project for a discussion and planning of the required expertise and necessary tools. Although researchers are welcome to conduct their analyses themselves, this type of large-scale data analysis often requires time, knowledge and computational resources that researchers lack. Therefore, we provide expertise for NGS data analysis including read mapping, de-novo assembly, mutant screening, transcriptomics, epigenomics, whole exome and comparative genomics analysis. 

The University of Fribourg has a partnership with Vital-IT (a group of the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics), which allows researchers to access Vital-IT’s computing and storage infrastructures to conduct high throughput data analyses.

Hardware&Software resources:

  • Access to the computing infrastructure of the University of Fribourg&Bern and to the clusters of Vital-IT
  • Data storage archive for large scale data provided by Vital-IT
  • High memory compute system (512GB RAM) for special projects
  • Comprehensive software repository available on both compute systems
BUGFri - Rue du Musée 10 - 1700 Fribourg - Tel +41 26 / 300 8991 - Fax +41 26 / 300 9741
bugfri [at] unifr.ch - Swiss University