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The University of Fribourg offers a multidisciplinary study programme leading to the degree of Master of Science in Biology, with four options: Animal Molecular Life SciencesBiochemistry, Ecology & Evolution, Plant and Microbial Sciences. We also offer a MSc programme in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology. The programme consists of 90 ECTS credits and corresponds to 18 months of full-time study. English is the principal language for all activities, but the students can choose to take their exams in English, French or German.

Our Master programme places a special emphasis on the development of the student's scientific capabilities, such as independent thinking, problem-solving skills, critical evaluation of data, oral and written communication skills, and the ability to work in a team. As a Master student, you will deepen your knowledge of a selected area of biological sciences and acquire techniques needed in basic research as well as in practical applications such as biomedical and pharmacological research, biotechnology, public health, crop protection, sustainable agriculture, environmental protection, wildlife management, etc. An agreement with the Universities of Berne and Neuchatel (BENEFRI) as well as Lausanne allows you to take certain courses at those universities and have them credited for our Master programme. Your courses will be accompanied by discussions, student presentations and project writing exercises in order to stimulate an active participation of students. You will be integrated in one of the research teams and have the opportunity to experience all aspects of the daily life of a research scientist. You will gain extensive experience with academic research in biology and learn to plan, carry out, analyze and present research. The Master degree also paves the way to a potential PhD and an academic career in biology and related fields.

This website offers detailed information about our Master programme. If you would like to know more, please contact the study advisor Dr Alessandro Puoti or any research group leader.

The registration deadline for the current academic year is 30th April. (late registration is, however, possible until Mid-July). Students already registered at the University of Fribourg for Bachelor do not need to register for the Master.


The study leading to the title of Master of Science in Biology takes 3-4 semesters, normally beginning in an autumn semester.

The programme consists of three modules:

Four options (majors) are offered:

  • Ecology & Evolution
  • Plant and Microbial Sciences (formerly "Plant-Microbe Interactions")
  • Animal Molecular Life Sciences (formerly "Neuro- and Developmental Biology")
  • Biochemistry

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