There is an extensive programme of seminars in each semester, with papers given by visiting speakers, members of staff and doctorate students. These provide an occasion on which graduate students can learn about recent research and meet leading scholars. They are held regularly during the semester on Tuesday mornings at 11.15 in the former Plant Biology lecture theatre (0.110 PER04) - visitors are welcome. The programme below is only provisional and will be updated when details become available. Besides the Department Seminars, there are others, hosted by the various teaching domains and internal meetings (progress seminars, journal clubs etc) subdivided into groups corresponding to the teaching domains and listed in the sidebar on the left. 

(last update: 9th February 2018). 

                                  Programme for the spring semester 2018

6th March: Hauke Busch | Institute of Experimental Dermatology, University of Lübeck
"MultiOMICS analysis of the many roles of Epo in blood development  - from proliferation and differentiation to iron homeostasis”
Host: Jörn Dengjel

13th March: Catherine Peichel | Dept. Biology, Inst Ecology & Evolution, University of Berne
"Genetics of adaptation: the roles of pleiotropy and linkage”
Host: Thomas Flatt

10th April: Jacob Weiner | Dept of Plant & Environmental Sciences, University of Copenhagen
"Evolutionary Agroecology - Applying Evolutionary Theory to Plant Production"

Host: Heinz Müller-Schärer

24th April: Jörg Jores | Inst Vetinary Bacteriology, VetSuisse, Berne
"Towards a rationale vaccine against veterinary Mycoplasma infections via application of synthetic genomics tools"
Host: Laurent Falquet

1st May: Christian Schlötterer | Inst. Population Genetics, Vetmeduni, Vienna
"Adaptive genetic redundancy in Drosophila is driven by a vast reservoir of quantitative trait loci"
Host: Thomas Flatt

8th May: Ilpo Vattulainen | Memphys - Center for Biomembrane Physics, University of Helsinki
Scientific computing revealing how cells communicate: Membrane proteins modulated by lipids, glycans, and oxidative stress
Host: Stefano Vanni
15th May: Klaus Schläppi | Inst Plant Sciences, University of Berne
To be announced
Host: Felix Mauch

22nd May: Stefan Hörtensteiner | Dept of Plant and Microbial Biology, University of Zürich
How and why plants degrade chlorophyll
Host: Markus Geisler

29th May: Bernd Wollscheid | Inst Molecular Systems Biology, ETHZ
"Decoding ligand receptor interactions"
Host: Jörn Dengjel
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