New Lab at the Department of Biology in the University of Fribourg


Welcome and all the best to Simond Blanchoud in his new position as Research Fellow in the Department of Biology. After beginning his research in Anna Jazwinska's lab, he recently obtained a SNF grant to continue his own work on a specific organism from the chordate family, the Botrylloides leachii.

Interdisciplinary approach
His new approach will allow him to dissect several essential aspects of whole-body regeneration. In particular, he will:
•    identify its cellular origin
•    create an atlas of its cell types, lineages and migrations
•    characterize the role of the surrounding vascular system
•    establish the first study and culture centre dedicated to B. leachii
Understanding how regeneration works and why it is present with different levels of importance in various organisms is crucial both for fundamental research as well as for potential therapeutical applications. This project will promote research in B. leachii and lay essential basis for the later functional characterization of whole-body regeneration. Altogether, this project aims at understanding how B. leachii can exceed cicatrization as we know it and thus open novel lines of research towards the reactivation of similar processes in vertebrates.

International collaborations
The project is also international as some collaboration will be done with University of Padova in Italy and University of Otago in New Zealand. The first are biologists who study the chordates very closely and the second is centered on the genetic approach of this organism. 

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