Here is a list of the currently active news feeds at the Department of Biology

  • 1st May: Department of Biology seminar [25.04.2018] Christian Schlötterer (Inst. Population Genetics, Vetmeduni, Vienna) will give a talk entitled "Adaptive genetic redundancy in Drosophila is driven by a vast reservoir of quantitative trait loci"
  • 2nd May: public presentation of PhD thesis by Désirée König [24.04.2018] At 16.00h in lecture theatre 0.110 (Per04), Désirée König will present the work entitled "Caudal fin regeneration in adult zebrafish: small molecules, cell adhesion molecules and extracellular matrix" which she carried out for the award of PhD.
  • 25th April: extra seminar [23.04.2018] At 11.00h in lecture theatre 0.110 (Per04), Marco Manni (Basque Centre for Biophysics) will give a talk entitled "Acyl chain asymmetry and polyunsaturation of brain phospholipids facilitate membrane vesiculation without leakage."
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