The Department of Biology is organized into five teaching domains:

  • Biochemistry
  • Ecology and Evolution
  • Plant Biology
  • Zoology
  • Bioinformatics

27 distinct research groups are recognised which you are invited to visit at the "Research groups" link above.

Teaching at both the Bachelor and Master levels reflects the interests of the research groups and the respective programmes can be consulted using the "Studies" link above and then in the left sidebar.
(in French and German for the Bachelor and in English for the Master). 


Coming events & News

  • 1st May: Department of Biology seminar [25.04.2018] Christian Schlötterer (Inst. Population Genetics, Vetmeduni, Vienna) will give a talk entitled "Adaptive genetic redundancy in Drosophila is driven by a vast reservoir of quantitative trait loci"
  • 2nd May: public presentation of PhD thesis by Désirée König [24.04.2018] At 16.00h in lecture theatre 0.110 (Per04), Désirée König will present the work entitled "Caudal fin regeneration in adult zebrafish: small molecules, cell adhesion molecules and extracellular matrix" which she carried out for the award of PhD.
  • 25th April: extra seminar [23.04.2018] At 11.00h in lecture theatre 0.110 (Per04), Marco Manni (Basque Centre for Biophysics) will give a talk entitled "Acyl chain asymmetry and polyunsaturation of brain phospholipids facilitate membrane vesiculation without leakage."
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