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CHF 8000

Format CAS
Sprache Französisch, Deutsch, Englisch

This CAS is directed towards experienced professionals of the health professions (medicine, osteopathy, nursing, physiotherapy, etc.) who would like to enhance their knowledge in clinical anatomy for professional reasons or because they teach anatomy in their area and would like to deepen their knowledge in anatomy.


The CAS includes a practical anatomy course, as well as a final thesis. It comprises 12 ECTS credit points that are allocated as follows: 1) Practical anatomy course in 2 modules (5 ECTS each = 10 ECTS in total); 2) final thesis (2 ECTS). The complete program encompasses about 300 hours of work, i.e. about 120 contact hours, 60 hours allocated to the thesis and about 120 of self-directed learning. The duration of the program is 12 months.


Candidates will be accepted into the program who have a university degree (bachelor, master, etc.) or equivalent in the health professions, as well as at least three years of experience in their profession.

Kursverantwortliche und Referierende


Filgueira Luis, http://perso.unifr.ch/luis.filgueira/en/

Medien und Dokumente


Bemerkungen zur Anmeldung

For enrollment and to receive all documentation, please, contact professor Luis Filgueira via e-mail luifs.filgueira@unifr.ch.