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Prof. Dr. Daniel Bogner

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Research Topics and Projects

Religious Freedom and Religion in Politics

Ethical and political aspects of human rights

Normativity and History: Questions regarding the Relation between Theory and Practice

Project in cooperation with the University of Münster (Germany) on ‘Die Geltung von Menschenrechten innerhalb der katholischen Kirche’ (‘The Validity of Human Rights within the Roman Catholic Church’). See HK 67 (2013).

Research symposium on ‘Natur des Menschen. Brauchen die Menschenrechte ein Menschenbild?’ (‘Human nature. Do human rights need a concept of the human being?’), 24./25.September 2014, Fribourg, Guest: Prof. Dr. Heiner Bielefeldt, UN-Special Rapporteur for the right to religious freedom (programme)


2014 Full Professor of Moral Theology and Ethics at the University of Fribourg

2013 Professor of Moral Theology and Social Ethics at the Institute for Religious Pedagogy and Grand Séminaire, Luxemburg

2012 Habilitation at the Faculty of Catholic Theology at the University of Münster. Title of professorial dissertation: ‘Das Recht des Politischen. Erfahrungszeugnisse zum Algerienkrieg und ein neuer Begriff der Menschenrechte’. (‘The Right of the Political. Testimonies of the Algerian War and a New Concept of Human Rights’). Advisor: Prof. Dr. Marianne Heimbach-Steins and Prof. Dr. Hans Joas

2010-2012 Research Assistant at the center for excellence “Religion und Politik” (‘Religion and Politics’) and at the Institute for Christian Social Sciences at the University of Münster

2007-2010 Fellow of the Max Weber Center for Advanced Cultural and Social Studies at the University of Erfurt. Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Hans Joas

2000-2006 Consultant for human rights at the secretariat of the German Bishops’ Conference (German Commission Justitia et Pax)

2001 Doctorate in Fundamental Theology. Thesis title: ‘Gebrochene Gegenwart. Ein Parcours zwischen Mystik und Politik nach Michel de Certeau’. (A Broken Present Age. Between Mysticism and Politics following Michel de Certeau). Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Jürgen Werbick and Prof. Dr. Luce Giard

1997-2000 Doctoral Studies in Münster and Paris

1991-1996 Study of Theology, Philosophy and Political Science in Münster and Fribourg. Lic. theol. in Fundamental theology. Thesis title: ‘Bekenntnis des Glaubens oder Logik der Macht? Die anthropologischen Grundlagen der Politischen Theologie von Carl Schmitt’. (Confession of faith or logic of power? The anthropological foundations of Carl Schmitt’s political theology). Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Johann Baptist Metz


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