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  • Sommer Ferien 2018 [22.05.2018] Die Bibliothek wird von Juni 22. (19 Uhr) bis zum August 20. (8 Uhr) geschlossen sein.
  • An open statement to boycott a new AI-focused academic journal, disapproving of the paper's policy of closed-access. [01.05.2018] Nature Machine Intelligence from Springer Narure is expected to launch in January next year. The joint statement written by Thomas Dietterich, a professor of computer science at Oregon State University in the US, and signed by more than 2,000 academics and researchers in industry, states that "they will not submit to, review, or edit for this new journal."
  • Dimensions: a new competitor of Scopus and Web of Science [29.03.2018] Digital Science (Altmetric, Figshare) announced Dimensions, a new product that includes a citation database, a research analytics suite, and streamlined article discovery and access. Use Dimensions to research grants, publications, citations, clinical trials and patents in one place.
  • Is it time to bury the h-index? [28.03.2018] The h-index provides information that is almost completely redundant for most practical purposes, and that because of the way it is constructed, chance plays a significant role in determining its outcome.
  • CNRS : coupure des contenus Springer à compter du 1 avril 2018 [28.03.2018] Les négociations entre le consortium Couperin.org - dont le CNRS fait partie- et Springer se sont achevées sur un constat de désaccord, l'éditeur ayant refusé la dernière proposition du consortium qui demandait une baisse de l'ordre de 15 % du tarif des abonnements.
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