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Orbis Biblicus et Orientalis is published

on behalf of the BIBLE+ORIENT Foundation

in cooperation with
the Department of Biblical Studies, University of Fribourg Switzerland,
the Egyptological Seminar of the University of Basle,
the Institute of Archaeology, Near Eastern Archaeology section, University of Berne
the Institut romand des sciences bibliques, University of Lausanne,
the Institute of Religious Studies, University of Zurich and
the Swiss Society for Ancient Near Eastern Studies

Susanne Bickel, Othmar Keel, Thomas C. Römer, Bernd U. Schipper, Daniel Schwemer and Christoph Uehlinger

The OBO and OBO.SA series include studies in the following fields:

Founded in 1971, the series is published today under the acting responsability of Othmar Keel and Christoph Uehlinger, co-editors, in collaboration with Susanne Bickel, associate editor. Studies in the text of the Bible and in iconography and the Bible represent two major but non-exclusive research interests of the Biblical Institute which is the series' home and founding institution. The affiliated institutions, major Swiss representatives of research in Ancient Near Eastern and Biblical studies, stand for its general scientific quality and interdisciplinary outlook.

As a rule, we try to keep midway between publishing doctoral dissertations or other studies by young scholars and contributions by confirmed scholars considered as leading authorities in their field. For a representative list of authors, you may consult the backlist of volumes still in print.

The series publishes in three languages (German, English, French). It has so far produced more than 225 volumes by authors originating from almost 20 countries representing five continents. It is distributed worldwide, with regular subscribers in all continents.

Scholars working in the above-mentioned fields are invited to join OBO and consider publication in the series. Innovative research is particularly welcome under the condition that it meets accepted scientific standards. Manuscripts should be written in German, English or French. They should be camera-ready for print according to layout rules specified by the editors. Please send your manuscript directly to the editors who will also respond to any other query concerning the series:

Please consult our list of new volumes as well as our backlist of all volumes still in print.

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