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  • Ostern Schliessung 2018 [07.03.2018] Die Bibliothek wird von März 29. (19 Uhr) bis zum April 9. (8 Uhr) geschlossen sein. Pdf Lieferungen werden hierbei abgebrochen.
  • The state of OA: a large-scale analysis of the prevalence and impact of Open Access articles [16.02.2018] On average, 28% of the scholarly literature is OA (19M in total) is OA. In 2015 45% of articles were OA. OA articles receive 18% more citations than non OA articles. The part of OA articles goes from 15% (chemistry) to 55% (biomedical research)
  • Der SNF hat die in den letzten Jahren bezahlten Gebühren für Open Access Publikationen auf OpenAPC veröffentlicht [16.02.2018] Blogpost: https://intact-project.org/general/openapc/2018/02/14/snsf/ Treemap Visualisierung: https://treemaps.intact-project.org/apcdata/snsf/ Daten und Readme: https://github.com/OpenAPC/openapc-de/tree/master/data/snsf
  • PLOS and BioRxiv: new forms of manuscript assessment to augment or improve current methods of peer review [14.02.2018] PLOS is taking a step to support a post-journal publication platform where manuscripts on BioRxiv become publicly available as preprints upon submission and where evaluation is largely conducted post-publication as a series of publisher-provided and community-supported "badges" that are sent to the preprint server over time.
  • Chemie: ist die Zeit reif für Preprints ? [14.02.2018] Einer gold open access Artikel von drei Italienischen Autoren
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