• Norway, Finland & Switzerland collaboration receives funding from the Research Council of Norway

    The GREL group (Gender REpresentation in Language), lead by Ute Gabriel (Norwegian University of Science and Technology) and Pascal Gygax (University of Fribourg) has received a three-year grant from the very competitive Research Council of Norway for their project: "What's so sexy about degenderizing language?

  • Additional support for the Sinergia-Project

    The Sinergia project „Relationship of stress and physical activity with psychological and physiological health in young children“ received additional financial support of the Jacobs Foundation.

  • International Collaborations

    Valérie Camos awarded a joint grant from the Swiss and French National Science Foundations to develop research in Fribourg about the development of working memory in preschoolers.

  • Tous des moutons?!

    Imiter, singer… un comportement instinctif et spontané qu’adoptent aussi nos cousins les grands primates ainsi que moult autres espèces championnes du mimétisme. Des chercheur/se-s et des étudiant-e-s de notre Département étudient ce comportement.

  • Prix de la fondation Forom Ecoute

    Le département de psychologie est heureux de féliciter Solène Perruchoud qui a été récompensé par un prix de la fondation Forom Ecoute.

  • Swiss National Science Foundation grants

    Members of our Department have been awarded grants from the Swiss National Science Foundation:
    • Roberto Caldara has been awarded a CHF 322’000 grant
    • Sebastien Miellet et Roberto Caldara have been awarded a CHF 282’000 grant

  • Working Memory : Loss and Reconstruction

    Forthcoming Working memory is the cognitive system in charge of the temporary maintenance of information in view of its on-going processing. Lying at the centre of cognition, it has become a key concept in psychological science.

  • New Ambizione Fellow joining the Department

    Dr. Nathalie Meuwly was granted an Ambizione fellowship by the SNF. She will join our department in January 2015. Dr. Meuwly studies communication in couples and it's impact on well-being and health.

  • New Swiss National Science Foundation Professor

    Our Departement welcomes a new Professor, Prof Dr. Andrea Frick, new Swiss National Science Foundation Professor. After her study in Developmental psychology at University of Zurich and Post-doc at and University of Bern, Prof. Dr Frick creates in our department her laboratory on Development of Spatial Cognition.


Departement für Psychologie

Die Psychologie an der Universität Freiburg zeichnet sich durch hochstehende Forschung, ein reiches Lehrangebot auf Bachelor-, Master- und Postgraduierten-Niveau, sowie durch ihre Zweisprachigkeit aus. Das Departement bietet vollständige Studienprogramme auf Deutsch, Französisch und auch zweisprachig an, mit praktischen Ausbildungselementen bei sehr guter Betreuung in einem anregenden internationalen Klima.

Master- und Doktoratsstudierende sind an Forschungsprojekten des Departements beteiligt, die eine breite Palette von Gebieten, die in zehn Forschungsabteilungen aufgeteilt sind.

Wir laden Sie herzlich ein, unsere Webseite zu erkunden - oder besser noch: besuchen Sie uns in Freiburg!


  • MASTER DAYS 2015
    WHAT: Cours ouverts / Open Class
    WHEN: 24-26.02.2015
    WHERE: Département de Psychologie / Departement für Psychologie
  • Expra-Kongress / Congrès Expra
    WHO: Kognitive Biopsychologie / Biopsychologie cognitive
    WHAT: Provisorisches Programm / Programme provisoire
    WHEN: 12.06.2015
    WHERE: Departement / Département
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