after the postdoc

There exist several funding schemes design to boost your academic career:

  • Ambizione 

The SNSF funding scheme Ambizione is aimed at young researchers who intend to conduct, manage and lead an independently planned project at a Swiss University. At the time of the submission deadline, the application must be submitted within 5 years after the doctorate. Applicants need to have conducted research for at least 12 months after the award of the PhD at a university other than the one in which they have pursued their doctoral studies. 

  • SNSF Professorships 

The SNSF Professorships enable junior researchers with several years of experience to establish an independent team and implement a research project at a Swiss university. Applicants need to have a postdoctoral research experience of no less than 2 years and no more than 9 years. They also need to have spent several years of research activities at institutions other than where they obtained the doctorate, including at least one year abroad. 

  • ERC Grants 

The ERC Starting Grants aim to support leading scholars who intend to establish a research team and conduct independent research in Europe. This scheme is geared at promising researchers with 2-7 years of experience after the award of the PhD degree and who have proved their potential to become independent top researchers. 

The ERC Consolidator Grants are meant to support top researchers who are in the process of consolidating their own independent team or programme. The scheme is targeted at scholars with 7-12 years of postdoctoral experience and an outstanding academic record. 


  • Professorship 

The List of Open Positions at the University of Fribourg is published on the Faculties' websites. Some Faculties require from applicants that they have obtained (or are pursuing) their habilitation: for further details about this requirement, please visit the Habilitation webpage. Please, note that a substantial list of peer-reviewed publications and international conference papers is the prerequisite to apply for a professorship - be it full or associate. 

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