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Department of foreign affairs

Einschätzung der Karrieresituation von Nachwuchswissenschaftlerinnen in der Schweiz - Bericht erarbeitet im Auftrag der Akademien der Wissenschaften Schweiz

Locality and transnational mobility in the early stages of academic careers : The importance of family and professional Networks

Diversité en science - SNSF Horizons n°110

snsf fellowships: Doc.Mobility and Early Postdoc.Mobility

  • The Doc.Mobility programme enables doctoral students to work on their thesis during a research visit (6-18 months) at a foreign institute.
  • Early Postdoc.Mobility fellowships encourage young postdoctoral students to acquire professional skills abroad with a view to pursuing an academic career.

For further information, do not hesitate to check the SNSF Summary Table detailing the funding schemes offered by the SNSF. 


Online publication on RERO-DOC

  • The University of Fribourg encourages the online diffusion of doctoral dissertations on the RERO DOC Platform. Details about the Faculties' submission procedures are available on our Website.


“Beyond the Doctorate” information booklet

  • The BULA (Equal Opportunities Offices of the Universities and Vocational Colleges in Latin Switzerland) has published an information booklet for doctoral and postdoctoral students. This booklet, entitled “Beyond the doctorate", touches upon career options after the PhD.  


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