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A high ranking Vietnamese delegation meets international experts at the Institute

Learning from each other: this was the device of the visit of a Vietnamese delegation in Fribourg. The Institute for Legislative Studies (ILS) of the National Assembly Standing Committee organised a high ranking delegation whose members will work on the revision of the Vietnamese Constitution. The programme was designed in order to permit the exchange between academics and practitioners of different countries: The lively discussions among the Vietnamese delegation, the members of the Institute and the guest researchers at the Institute showed that an exchange of ideas, experiences and lessons learnt between persons from different background was appreciated.

The programme was divided in three parts: Prof. Eva Maria Belser and Prof. Peter Hänni explained the constitutional framework of Swiss politics, focusing on subjects such as constitutional revision, the political system, fiscal federalism and resource allocation and human rights. The second element was dedicated to the practical experience: How did the Canton of Fribourg change its Constitution in 2005? Dr. Tarkan Göksu, legal advisor to the Constitutional Assembly (2000-2005), explained the challenges which the Assembly faced and how its members dealt with it. The third part consisted in two presentations of our guest researchers, who presented the results of their three month presence at the Institute: Mr. Min Basnet (Nepal) presented the idea of a Third Chamber in order to guarantee the protection of minority rights. Mr. Mher Arshakyan (Armenia) explained with a comparative approach how constitutional interpretation can be developed.