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Federalism Study Tour for Somalian Leaders

Under the auspices of the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, the Institute has organized a one week «Federalism Study Tour» for a delegation of high-ranking personalities from Somalia.

The delegation encompasses representatives from the four main «States» of a potential federal Somalia: the Puntland State, the Southwest State, the Jubbaland State and the Galmudug State. They were accompanied by representatives of the Federal Ministry of Interior and Federalism, the Office of the Prime Minister, the Boundary and Federalism Commission, as well as UNDP Somalia officers.

From the Institute, the delegation has met Nicolas Schmitt for an introduction to the Swiss federalism and for the debriefing at the end of the tour, as well as Eva Maria Belser for a presentation of the Swiss high education system. Apart of this, our Somalian friends have met representatives of the three orders of government (Confederation, cantons, municipalities) for a better understanding of the articulations of powers and competences between all the players of the federal game.

As a matter of fact, if the federalist option seems to be a common ground for Somalian authorities, the kind of federalism to adopt is still under discussion. Let’s hope that their visit in Switzerland has given some indications concerning the creation of this «homemade» Somalian Federalism.