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C2. Time & Energy Management

Unlike more traditional Time Management courses which focus on tools and raw behavioural changes to helping you manage your time, this module takes instead a more personalized approach to guide you in improving your self-knowledge for best managing your time and energy.

Looking at time management and its connexions with energy management, this participative course is designed to help you become aware of your energy, attention, and needs. This will lead you to micro- and macro-plan in order to manage your work, personal life, and relationships in a way that naturally results in effective and inspired performance, as well as a balanced and healthy approach to life and work.

Each half-day of this participative course is conducted as a combination of theoretical portion and group discussion, including group and individual exercise. Each course is followed with personalized reflective and practical exercises to be prepared for and discussed as a group in the following course.

Themes to be addressed:

  • Micro and macro planning (entangled effects of time and energy management; energy and performance)
  • Balancing weekly schedule (values and priorities; implementing changes)
  • Setting goals (better understanding, and overcoming procrastination; developing self-confidence, and motivation)
  • Communication of priorities and decisions (when and how to say "yes" or "no"; create the work environment that will best support the expression of your potential)
  • Developing a positive representation of yourself, feeling joy in the process rather than in the accomplishing

Learning outcomes

  • Tap into healthy energy rhythms knowledge for improving efficiency and personal performance
  • Gain self-knowledge for effective micro- and macro-planning, proper self-care, and the realization of goals
  • Communicate clearly and appropriately, including delegating of tasks, setting up initial conditions, and saying "no" when necessary


Marie-Paule Haefliger is an Executive and Business Coach as well as a trainer. An FSP Psychologist, having taught psychology to diverse audiences for over six years, she applies her fields of expertise to a change-driving approach. Marie-Paule is also trained as a Master Coach in Leadership and Communication. She coaches an international client base active in finance, medicine, research, and industry. A graduate in Higher Education and Educational Technology, she creates and runs continuing education courses. As a visiting professor, she teaches at the American University of Central Asia in the Applied Psychology and MBA departments. More information here: mph-development.ch.

Dates and place

Thursday, 12th January, 2017 (9 am to 1 pm)
Thursday, 9th February, 2017 (9 am to 1 pm)
Thursday, 9th March, 2017 (9 am to 1 pm)
Thursday, 6th April, 2017 (9 am to 1 pm)

University of Fribourg, building Pérolles II (Bd de Pérolles 90)


English (oral and written)


Module of 2 ECTS


  • attendance at the four half-day sessions
  • active participation in the group discussions and personalized homework
  • written reflections regarding themes discussed and lessons learned (3-4 pages)
  • self-observation diary

Registration fees

Fr. 500.- (free for teachers from the University of Fribourg)

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