Stéphane Recrosio, Director of IT Services

IT Directorate


  • Advice to University management on IT and ICT matters;
  • Advice on changes directed by University management concerning digitalisation;
  • Development, operation and maintenance of the University's IT system;
  • Advice to researchers on their specific needs;
  • IT security;
  • Implementation, operation and maintenance of the telecommunications infrastructure;
  • Implementation, operation and maintenance of the Data Centre;
  • Procurement, management and updating of the University community's IT hardware and software;
  • Technical support of all University stakeholders;
  • Further development of the technical and educational application of information and communications technology. 



The IT Directorate comprises the following centres of competence and units:

Administration & Finances

Administration & Finance manages the IT budget and takes care of the procurement of IT hardware and software. It is responsible for the administrative management of the IT park and also coordinates the communication of IT-related issues to the University community.

Infrastructures & Operations

The Infrastructures & Operations (I&O) section comprises the Support Centre, IT Resources, Telecom, and Server. It is responsible for the provision, maintenance and development of basic services for the University community.

Solution Engineering

Solution Engineering develops and maintains the University of Fribourg's information system and is responsible for Business Intelligence and statistics enquiries.

New Technologies and Teaching (NTE) 

Favorise et observe l’utilisation pédagogique des moyens électroniques d'information et de communication dans le cadre des activités d’enseignement et de recherche de l’Université, par la mise à disposition d’outils logiciels, de formations et de développements techno-pédagogiques.

Scientific IT

Support for research projects in a competent, efficient, secure and resource-efficient manner.