Temporary commission  "Language policy and its institutional anchoring"

Tasks and Responsibilities

The main task of this commission will be, on the one hand, to submit to the Rectorate a position paper in relation to the strategic guidelines defined in the draft "Strategy 2030" and, on the other hand, to give concrete expression to these guidelines by formulating a draft language policy.



Prof. Katharina Fromm, Vice-Rector, Rectorate


M. Nicolas Grosjean, Language Centre
Prof. Anita Thomas, Scientific Advisory Board of the Language Centre
Prof. Raphael Berthele, Department of Multilingualism and Foreign Language Education
Prof. Veronika Hoffmann, Faculty of theology
Prof. Christiana Fountoulakis, Facultof Law
Prof. Eric Davoine , Faculty of SES
Prof. Domink Schoebi, Faculty of humanities 
Prof. Ulrich Ultes-Nitsche, Faculty of sciences and medicine
Prof. Martin Huber, Corps professoral
Mme Claudine Brohy, Scientific collaborators
M. Marco Garofano, Students
M. Matthias Held, Administrative and technical staff