Screening of "The End of Humanity"

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The stories we tell about ourselves as humans and the power of technology impact how we design and invest in our future and how we engage AI. Increasingly, the story is that humans are inefficient and replaceable compared to AI. A gloomy view of humankind has become mainstream, catering to a future without trust – a future with weak democracies.

The documentary The End of Humanity by Andreas Dürr and Jan-Marc Furer explores this narrative and probes alternative views. It encourages creative and critical thinking about a future worth wanting and the tools that allow us to build it. We need a global and concerted effort to invent a humane future for all.

Quand? 16.07.2024 20:00
Où? Frame Cinema Zürich
Lagerstrasse 104
8004 Zürich
Intervenants Dr. Oliver Dürr
Jan-Marc Furer
Andreas Dürr
Contact Zentrum Glaube & Gesellschaft
Oliver Dürr
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