General information


According to Regulations on the organisation of studies (RegOrg):

  • The Bachelor Thesis must be written on a subject corresponding to the chosen orientation in one of the courses followed by the candidate (art. 5 al. 1).
  • The lecturer of the corresponding semester course may establish guidelines on the subject, development and presentation of the Bachelor thesis (art. 5 al. 3).
  • The candidate cannot submit his/her Bachelor thesis until he/she has successfully completed his/her second year of studies (art. 5 al. 4).
  • The Bachelor thesis must be submitted before the expiry of the deadline set for the maximum duration of studies (art. 5 al. 11), that is before the twelfth semester of studies.
  • The Master thesis should be written in a specific research area of the chosen Master of Arts. In special cases, the decision is taken by the examinations delegate (art. 6 al. 11).
  • Master study plans of the department of communication and media research (DCM) require participation in a colloquium during the preparation of the Master thesis. This colloquium is worth 3 ECTS and

    must be validated before submitting the Master's thesis to the Dean's office. The registration for the colloquium must be made on MyUnifr.

  • The Master Thesis must be submitted before the expiry of the deadline set for the maximum duration of studies (art.6 al.11), that is before the eighth semester of studies.
  • Plagiarism: Guidelines of the University of Fribourg and  Anti plagiat-Software (limited version for students)


  • The thesis must be printed in A4 size and bonded by heat sealing (spirals are not accepted).
  • Each copy must include a declaration on honor signed by the author and bound as the last page of the thesis.
  • The declaration is required by the Directives of 13 May 2008 of the University of Fribourg which punish the violation of the rules of scientific integrity.
  • The cover page of the thesis must contain at least the name of the author, the name of the lecturer who must evaluate the author (and the second rapporteur, if applicable), whether this is a Bachelor's or Master's thesis, and the title of the thesis. If the work is confidential, this should also be indicated.
  • The title of the thesis may not be written entirely in capital letters.
  • The cover page may include the University logo, the envisaged Master or Bachelor as well as the Chair or Department concerned, non-copyright images, place and year of printing (not the date of submission).
  • The Department, Chair or lecturer who supervises the thesis may issue editorial requirements for formatting the internal pages.


  1. Students must deposit their Bachelor or Master thesis via their MyUNIFR portal. They will have to fill in the title and language of the thesis as well as attach its electronic version. To be able to validate this online registration, the fee of CHF 120.- must be paid via e-payment. A bank transfer, payment slip or cash is not accepted.  Tutoriel en ligne (french)    Tutorial online (german)
  2. To validate the deposit, the original documents of the Bachelor and Master theses must be submitted personally to the staff of the Dean’s Office during business hours
  3. Mailing by post, or deposit in the Dean's Office’s mailbox or with the professor is not permitted. The document can be submitted via another person selected by the student; a letter of authorisation is not necessary.
  4. There is no confirmation of receipt, the registration being visible on on MyUnifr.


  • Bachelor and Master theses must be submitted to the personnel of the Dean’s Office no later than Thursday, 16 September 2021. As of 20 September 2021, submission of Bachelor and Master theses can be accepted only if you are enrolled for the Winter semester 2021.
  • Students who have successfully passed all assessments needed for the bachelor degree and have submitted their bachelor thesis to the Dean’s office before the registration deadline for the concerned assessment period, may take as many master examinations as they wish. The results of these examinations will be recorded only when the Bachelor studies are complete.
    This provision does not apply to the Master in Communiction and Media Research.
  • If the thesis has not been submitted by the specified date, the candidate is forced to withdraw from all master examinations that exceed the 18 ECTS authorised examinations by the Regulations (Art. 4).
  • To participate in the annual Degree Ceremony of 8 October 2021, all assessments must be validated during the June 2021 assessment period and Bachelor/Master theses must be submitted to the Dean's office until 27 May 2021.