DOKPE public computers

 For: All students of the SciMed Faculty

The informatics support is available for all students of the Faculty of science and medicine.

This support is provided by our technician whom you can contact by e-mail or phone at the number 026 300 92 48.

If our technician is not available, please point out any informatics issues to the librarian or contact the informatics support per e-mail or phone at the number 026 300 72 20.


Alexandre Vaira
+41 26 300 92 48 


Office 2.229
Chemin du Musée 4
CH–1700 Fribourg


On the ground floor and on the first floor of the library of the Faculty of science and medicine (DOKPE), at PER14, chemin du Musée 4.

15 public computers are freely accessible for students of the university who have a UniFR user account.

One computer (Ground floor, on the left when entering) is freely accessible for users from outside the University who want to access the Internet for free.


Standard programs installed on all computers :

Office 2016 Illustrator Photoshop Indesign LightRoom
IDL R RStudio Visual SFM Move
Geoslope Cloud Compare Reflex QGis GoogleEarth Pro
Mathematica SPSS VLC Firefox Matlab
Mapviewer Arcgis Python Anaconda Endnote Cartalinx
Xming Xwin Vue GhostScript Ghostview

If you need a new open access program for your studies in this room, please contact our technician by e-mail.